GRAHABALAM 2nd May 2011———Old and Imp videos will be posted

May 2, 2011 2 comments

Hello visitors and blog readers!

Plz visit the new Grahabalam blog from now on.

I’ve heard that there is problem opening the new blog in Google so use FIREFOX or OPERA browsers.


All the subscribers from this wordpress blog could update ur subscription in new blog so u won’t miss out on imp news.All the videos and new info will be posted there only.Ur comments should also be posted in new blog.




January 24, 2011 8 comments

Andariki Namaskaramulu! Sab ko Pranaam! Aadab and Helloooooo Everybody!

I’m here at last…….hahahaha… can say I’m a latecomer…..I’m totally new to blogging.So please guide me through if u have any suggestions.U are most welcome.Love ur feedback.Thanks in advance.

I’m a firm believer of karma in life.So I find astrology very very interesting.So once I stumbled upon Bhakthi channel and there was Shri Dyvagna Ponnaluri Srinivasa Gargeya sidhanthi garu.I am in total awe of his in depth of knowledge in astrology.Take a bow Sir.Thanks a million and zillian for ur service.We really really do appreciate ur efforts.Actually I can’t find words to thank you enough.And not to forget Bhakthi TV and people behind it for bringing this tremendous show to all of us,Thanks a million and zillian to you too.

Actually I do have to say one thing about Bhakthi TV,just months back there used be a commercial break in between the programme,but seeing the response they cut off the commercials.They have been so considerate and non comercial in that aspect only for the viewers.Really a very unselfish deed.Hat’s off to you.

Basically i thought of blogging to upload videos of Graha balam live astrology show.As I’m one of the greatest fans and a regular viewer of the show, always heard that people often have power cut and can’t watch the show sometimes.And they keep calling Bhakthi TV and ask for the remedies again.So i thought of uploading them on the net for the people and learn something new in process.

Especially now that Nagadosha pariharalu (Remedies for nagadoshams) are told by Sidhanthi garu on daily basis,so thought it would be a good idea to upload them on net.Even if i help one person would mean a lot to me.

ok i’ll take a leave now.

If anyone need any videos or audio on this show for that matter i will upload them as soon as possible.So please feel free to ask.